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AC-7610 Metal shell Fingerprint access control

Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China(Mainland)
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Piece
Product Introduction
AC-7610 Metal shell Fingerprint access control,Fingerprint only, Fingerprint capacity: 1000Metal shell, anti-vandal

AC-7610 Metal shell Fingerprint access control

Model: AC-7610

Fingerprint only, Fingerprint capacity: 1000

Metal shell, anti-vandal

Infrared remote control programmer

Product dimension: L115mm x W70m x H33mm Gross weight: 750g

Item name: AC-7610 Metal shell Simple Fingerprint access control

Main Features:

Metal shell, anti-vandal, simple & safe design.

The fingerprint identification technology has the advantagesof unduplicated and unbreakable.

Using the dark background imaging technique, make thedry/wet fingerprints are always

easy to be recognized in the variant light conditions exceptthe direct solar radiation.

Fingerprint capacity: 1,000

Can add/delete the users’ fingerprints by managerfingerprints very quickly.

Infrared remote control for programming.

Built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) to wake up the device fromsleep mode.

Protective performance: anti-static 12KV.

Operating temperature: -20℃~60.



Operating Voltage: 12VDC±10%

Fingerprint Capacity: 1,000

Door Open Time099s

Fingerprint Input Time: <1s

Identification Time: <1s

FAR: <0.0001%

FRR: <0.1%

Operating Temperature: -20℃~60

Operating Humidity: 20%95%

Sleeping Current: 20 mA

Stay Current: 80mA

Door Relay Contact Load: 2A

Anti-static: 12KV

Dimension: 115(L) x 70(W) x 33(H) mm

Connection Diagram: